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Not just war and vengeance, but War and Vengeance, like titles. Again can think of The Tower and Crowley's alternate name for it, War. Also I wonder about the word "hardly" which can mean something like "forcefully" or the very different "barely".

I've also been thinking about the difference between the Christian 'trinity' and that of the BoL. There seems a type of inversion to me, the vengeful Jehovah moderated by a loving personified Christ, which seems the opposite of the loving Nuit, but the personified vengeful Ra Hoor Khuit.

I was reading Low Magick last night and Duquette's story of discovering the invocation of Ganesha as his ideal method for "falling in love with/identifying completely with" deity, and using that as the basis for ritual. I can't imagine someone developing that sort of personal relationship with Ra Hoor Khuit. An angry, warrior, bird headed god. The Christian version is much more understandable to me, I can see how someone could relate to Christ, even despite rejecting other aspects of the Christian religion. Which leads me to wonder, why such an impersonal "personified" deity? He seems much more a representation of the Aeon, than someone you'd want to have a chat to.
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