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Originally Posted by Grigori
I've also been thinking about the difference between the Christian 'trinity' and that of the BoL. There seems a type of inversion to me, the vengeful Jehovah moderated by a loving personified Christ, which seems the opposite of the loving Nuit, but the personified vengeful Ra Hoor Khuit.
How much of the bible have you read, Grigori? Comparing RHK to Jehovah is bizarre. They are not even close. RHK pales in comparison to the pure horror of Jehovah.

Loving Christ? Well if you cherry-pick the gospels you might find be able to patch together a loving Christ. Just sweep the other stuff under the carpet. Most people do.
Originally Posted by Grigori
Which leads me to wonder, why such an impersonal "personified" deity? He seems much more a representation of the Aeon, than someone you'd want to have a chat to.
Have you tried having a chat? He's a nice bloke once you get to know him.

War (Atu XVI)

If you're hiding within your little safe and cosy Tower of self, then RHK is here to burst your bubble and break down your walls. Whether you perceive this as Liberation or Destruction all depends on how much you cling to your Tower.

Vengeance (Atu VIII)

Are you out of balance? Not in line with your Will? RHK is here to guide you back towards Tiphareth. But if you insist on following your petty wants you inevitably tip the scales of Karma. The corrective counter weight is Geburah. Does this seem harsh? Is it unfair? Well too bad. Thou hast no right but to do thy Will.
Mr Want thinks he's an exceptional case. He doesn't have to align himself with the Universal order (Will), because he can do what he wants, right?
Wrong! And so he points his accusing finger at RHK and screams Tyrant! Jehovah! Just like petulant brats do in supermarket checkout lines when their wants are denied.

But when the ego stops resisting, something happens.
Liber Tzaddi

15. I have hidden myself beneath a mask: I am a black and terrible God.
16. With courage conquering fear shall ye approach me: ye shall lay down your heads upon mine altar, expecting the sweep of the sword.
17. But the first kiss of love shall be radiant on your lips; and all my darkness and terror shall turn to light and joy.
18. Only those who fear shall fail. Those who have bent their backs to the yoke of slavery until they can no longer stand upright; them will I despise.
Everyone has seen the movie, Rocky. Well you are both Rocky and Apollo Creed in the fight at the end of the movie. Apollo Creed is your lower self with all of it's wants. He's dancing around the ring, winding up a knockout punch. "He's going down. He's going down!"
In your corner your old trainer, Mickey, aka RHK, is yelling at you. "Get up! Fight!"
It would be so easy to lay down on that canvas...
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