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I'm thinking a little now also about the difference of understanding of figureheads of various philosophies/religions. I guess I'm used to the idea that Christ was the perfect Christian, Buddha the perfect Buddhist etc.. I'm very comfortable with Crowley not being the perfect Thelemite, at the least not an idealized version of behavior to fit all people, but wonder if the same can be said for the deity's of the BoL?

Where is the line between the realities of the universe (as understood in the BoL) and the recommended social actions of a Thelemite. Perhaps this can be read that you may encounter War and Vengeance, rather than you as a person 'should' embody or aspire to these qualities. If in fact we see them as aspects of RHK that we encounter when "off-path", maybe we are avoiding them (through action) rather than through Osiric suppression (or inaction).

Still thinking out loud
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