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Originally Posted by Aeon418
You! You! YOU!

Does that help you understand it any better, Grigori?
I understand what you're saying, I guess just trying to articulate what I'm thinking. Talking out loud helps me process. It may not even be "vengeance" that I'm uncomfortable with, but more the association I have between that and someone sitting around enmeshed in left over hurt feelings from something long past. Plotting the destruction of "someone who swiped $100 off you 10 years ago" seems like a waste of time and very unthelemic, and it's that kind of situation that the word triggers for me. Punching someone whose hand you just discovered sneaky a $50 out your back pocket is much more comfortable. So maybe timing is my issue. Though maybe I'd be happy to clober someone 10 years down the track, so long as I don't spend the 10 years before that fantasizing about it.

Thinking now though I am reminded of a RHK style arse kicking I suffered through a few years back when I was very deluded on off track with myself. At the time I blamed Pluto as it was a major and fairly catastrophic transit I was going through, interesting I now look back on that time with happy memories (and only a few minor scars). Perspective is a funny thing

Originally Posted by ravenest
Of course, if they are way off, that might lead others astray, but those sort of posters are usually hunted down ... with a vengence
Opinions and actions expressed by poster Ravenest are his own, and not necessarily endorsed or approved by the administration of this forum. Also, please try not to hunt down too many people as we are a select crowd already

I appreciate the perspective, thanks R. Repetition is good too, from time to time I've been going back and reading through our threads from the start and usually find many connections I missed the first time. Next read through I might bump some of the older threads with ideas.
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