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Originally Posted by ravenest
But a warrior must understand the strategy of war, both in war as part of a unit and individual combat. A 'war' with the self (the 'lower') self still needs a strategy of 'war' ... or you are just blindly fighting with yourself.
And the next day my daily readings from The Dalia Lama opens here:

" Trying to avoid our problems or simply not thinking about them may provide temporary relief, but I think there is a better approach. If you directly confront your suffering you will be in a better position to appreciate the depth and nature of the problem.
If you are in a battle, as long as you remain ignorant of the status and combat capabiltiy of your enemy, you will be totally unprepared and paralysed by fear. But if you know the fighting capability of your opponents, what sort of weapons they have and so on then you are in a much better position when you engage in war."

I hope its obvious what the D.L. is refereing to here. This is an example, IMO of someone offering advice that helps understand the metaphor with out reference to the HGA, although it might be what the HGA is trying to communicate.

I wonder if anyone can understand this?
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