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Originally Posted by Grigori
Maybe when you're on the right path RHK is still not a nice guy, he's just too afraid of you to make a fuss
When your on it he's the "strength, force, vigour, of your arms". (III:17) Go with the flow and he's with you all the way. Obstruct the flow and things get a bit more difficult. It's a bit like floating downstream with the current, or trying to wade up it.

But this is part of the process. When you start to make a connection with the Light you, for want of a better word, are being charged. But it doesn't pick and choose between your best qualities. Everything gets zapped. Those un-balanced aspects of yourself that resist the natural flow of LVX are called the Qlipphoth. They are your own private Adversary (Satan in the Old Testament sense. The Angel of the Lord sent to test the faithful ).
All through the outer Order work you get to wrestle with your Angel in the form of the Adversary, while you try to overcome your own Qlipphotic tendencies.

The story of Jacob wrestling the Angel gives you the key.
Genesis 32:26 Then the angel said, "Let me go; it's almost dawn." But Jacob answered, "I won't let you go until you bless me."
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