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Originally Posted by ravenest
Yes and I am using a mundane outer analogy to describe an internal process. IF you progress on this path dont expect to be let off with a smack on the wrist and continue.
The trouble is your analogy doesn't fit. You seem to be under the impression that Karma is punishment. It's not. It is merely cause and effect. If you stray from your course and try to move in a direction contrary to the Will you meet with resistance. It's purpose is guidance, not punishment. If you want a mundane analogy, try walking through a brick wall. (Please video it and post it on Youtube. )

Here's one thing that I found disturbing about your analogy. Earlier in the thread you said:
Originally Posted by ravenest
But its not a common thing that is openly accepted in our society. If you do wrong and say 'stuff the law!" and escape punishment, you might get hunted down and caught and punished. Nowadays, well, in the society I live in you will get a smack on the wrist, often for severe crimes. And thats one reason why the society is the way it is.
OK. So our society is f*cked up the way it is because we don't punish people enough and the punishments don't fit the crimes. We must have been living in a Golden Age back in the day when life really did mean Life. Floggings, hangings, public executions. Oh joy! Wasn't society so much better back then?

Talk about putting a bandaid on a festering wound that hasn't even been cleaned out. Sorry dude, but your analogy is typical of the tripe spouted by politicians. It's like a doctor who treats surface symptoms, but doesn't bother to look for an underlying cause of an illness. Criminal tendencies don't f*ck up society. They are symptoms of a society that is already f*cked up.

You can punish the "surface symptoms" all you like. We've been doing it for centuries and nothing has changed. Mean while the real dis-ease goes untreated.
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