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I really like this card - there are so many ways to interpret the image! For me, this card is about following your star to put you on the right track for the future. There is a lot of balance in the imagery going on here.

The star that lights her way is in the middle of the group of stars; you don't want to stray too far off your path or you'll lose sight of what you are aiming for. She has one foot in the water and one outside of it, maybe indicating a need to keep one foot planted in reality while at the same time keeping the other in your dreams. You cannot achieve what you want in life by focusing to much on one or the other, balance must be present.

On the left a dog stands alert, while on the right the dogs are laying around only paying attention to each other. Maybe this represents a balance in relationships? Don't depend too heavily on a significant other, but don't try to go it alone all the time either. Another point of balance - behind her on one side are buildings, signs of civilization, while on the other side is wilderness.

Overall, I see the right side with: foot in water, lovebird dogs, and civilization. On the left: foot out of water, alert dog, and wilderness. This tells me that the right might stand for dreaminess, dependence on others, while the left stands for independence, being grounded. Truly a card of balance!

Another thing I notice are the urns she holds, and how they are the same colors as the starry sky. Perhaps she is bringing knowledge or hope from her starry path, and pouring them out on each side in an effort to bring both sides of the scene together?
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