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The Tarot of Vampyres - The Hermit

Our hermit is transporting the skulls of past vampires with him, he is going upward in a thick forest at night in a narrow path. He wears a black cloak that fully covers him and we can see a dagger on his back, easy to access in case of danger. He uses a long and thick stick with a flame to help him walk and see in the dark better. He is the only one knows who knows the way. His wolf companion is alert and looks around for any danger. I have the feeling the hermit is inviting us to follow him for he has things to teach us, even the wolf is looking at us sort of saying "Are you coming or what?". Yet the cross and the small angel on it are warning us that is we go further we will be beyond saving.

I want to point that the wolf is the animal representing Skulls, the earth element, and with virgo being an earth sign it fits well with the card.
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