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Difficult Cards

Originally Posted by Sulis
I didn't like this image at first and for a long time I just couldn't get what it's saying but I think I'm starting to like this card.

Surrounded by jagged rocks we see a hooded figure in the water. She appears to be gathering swords from the sea.
In the distance is the silhouette of a sailing ship.

Sevens are about overcoming obstacles, moving away from the stability of the sixes and taking chances.
They are related to The Chariot and so are about turning the bumps in the road into stepping stones or turning things to our advantage.

The person is finding swords (thoughts and intellect) in the water (emotions)...
She's looking for an intellectual solution in an emotional situation.
She's searching for the answer to her problem.

The woman is doing what she has to do. It may not be right but it's what she has to do and she's using her brain to overcome her problems.
The other day this card came up in a reading I did for myself and I took it to mean that I was picking over the details of something a little too much...

The suit of Swords per se can be a difficult one (at least for me) ... lots of work to be done when they show up in a reading! The Seven of Swords is a particular problem, partially because you have to look within the context of the reading to see if it represents the energy of the Seeker, or the energy of a person or issue in their life.

I get the feeling from this woman that she has come a long ways, through some hard times, always having to watch her back. She appears to be in a body of water, which does indicate that there is emotional content to her issues, and/or that she is only partially conscious of the extent of the issues, or how she feels about them.

The jagged rocks certainly represent obstacles to me ... things that can hang the woman up, or hurt her. She seems to have come to some kind of "safe place" in the rocks, and is withdrawing to protect herself.

The authors call this card "Craftiness". This refers to the mental acuity needed when tis card is drawn, but it also bears a warning ... do not use questionable means to achieve your end!

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