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Margarete Petersen : King of Cups

We've talked about it, we've posted different threads around the boards with translations of the book. Eventually I would love to call them all home to one place.

DESCRIPTION: Vater der Kelche - Father of Cups
link to the image

A meditating man floats in the center of the card. He seems to be levitating. His eyes are closed, streams of yellow and orange light emanate from the center of his open palms and stream around his body suggesting the flowing of energy between, and around all the chakras. About him is a white light and a mixture of colors that suggest a light and flowing aura. The white light and colors of the aura flow towards the top of the card, eventually merging with flame like colors, and the fiery clouds of twighlight (or sunset). The shape and swirling of the auras and energies moving towards the top of the card finish in what looks like the tale of a diving whale!

The right side of the card shows what appears to be the front of a grey or white horse, galopping furiously along the seashore at twighlight, and part of a kite, (or flag, or parachute thing). (note: I have seen such galopping white horses on the seashore in La Camargue, Southern France)

The bottom of the portion of the frame is the refracted image of a lotus blossom, something that ressembles a giant squid, and more flowing water, perhaps a marsh.

Very atmospheric, this card. Without a doubt there is more to see here.

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