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What a wonderful description given for this card. I get the sense that here is someone who sought to enter the card - with certain preformed views also present.

For example, and though most of us tend to associate Cups with the element of Water, this is not directly inherent in the card. As I have at times mentioned in other threads, the elements are not obviously associated with the suits. One deck, following a different tradition, clearly connects Cups with the element of Air (I mention this just as an example from the Spanish Esoterico Tarot).

Still, having made the elemental correlation, here is a description from someone who obviously enters the card and reports of her deeply sensed experience of this King of Cups: King, as master of the element, and thus accutely aware of its flowing nature and its inner connections to other cards which have previously determined to also have some Water associations - in the case of the text, VII the Chariot and XVIII the Moon.

Given firemaiden's request for some sommentary, here is a quick one, flowing within her translated text...
  • 'Without losing myself' for unlike the person whom the element overwhelms, the King maintains his Ego/I (I am using the term 'Ego' to refer to the inner 'I', not in its more common popular sense of 'egotism' = focussed upon one's self), 'I adjust to all the movements of the water', for adjusting oneself to what occurs and flows is certainly what is called for, and the sign of mastery. It recalls the dance of Strength whereby the jaws of the Lion are but loosened open.

    'Sunken deep in a state of awakeness' - again, the sinking is very much into an intense awareness of the element, without which, the overwhelming drowning state may instead be felt - but then, the King would no more be, and the card transformed to another; 'I enter the space left by the outflowing stream of my inner monologue' - the enter deeply into a meditative state, and observe the stream of consciousness as it flows by, observing but not being cought by its current, observing the flow of emotions by not entering its overwhelming tides, is again a sign of the Mastery of a King with regards to its element.

    'I am able to tame my never ending thirst', that my thirst is forever fulfilled by its very being, for its flow is allowed to flow without taking my being in its wake - without the rider being overwhelmed by his horse.

    'I ride my horse without reins', for my control is not forced, but through allowing the flow to find its home. 'Through silence' - for only through silence will sound resound, 'I understand the multi-faceted singing and speech of Water', that evermoving ocean of depths, of droplets from clear blue sky precipitating, of the caress of rocks to the tempest's of falls smoothing touch.

    'I swim through the river of forgetting', for it is only in forgetting that I may discver myself anew in the wheel of rebirths. 'My body's wisdom reminds me of the separation between Logos and Eros', as my body's wisdom recalls its Divine origins and intelligence, united in its manifestation for the opposing forces of dry heat and cold moisture, and reconciled in the Redeemer's act of Love's sacrifice...

    'I feel one-ness as I build my crystal landscapes. I ate from the fruit of knowledge, and the canvass of my organism releases images' - ahh the deepening of this state from which began the journey presented by this King of Cups!

    'From neuroses grow roses', if but others would recognise that the apparent madness of depths dived into is for the discovery of pearls, which, from their retrieval, may blossom forth as they grow afresh; 'I swam through the labyrinth of the learned, and gently disturbed the crustacean at the seashore', as the labyrinthine threads of those who have sown before is allowed to flow by and be recognised. Again here as earlier, another card which also recalls Watery elementals is recalled.

    'Tenderness flowed through my channels', for that which I observed, I observed flowing within my very being, and thus, 'I became participating, accepting, appreciating / perceiving (wahrnehmenden?) and giving'.

    'My wife', my Queen, 'the flowing one, let me know, that beneath the surface of the water, are hidden depths, caves and gorges. On her shimmering mother of pearl, I slid to the ground, I came to the Earth once more!
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