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The Moon
Originally Posted by Prism
The fears we keep hidden during the day have become visible in the moon's light. We can no longer pretend that they don't exist. We need to look at them and understand their power over our conscious, daytime minds.
This is very true; now I'm going to go in the opposite direction~

A couple of our cats won't go out until it is dark~ reminds me of the saying "under the cover of night".

Think about all the times we enjoyed the darkness~
When we were little it was most fun to play games with all the neighborhood kids at night~ kick the can, hide and seek, etc.
How about that first kiss after a date~
Or going out to star-gaze and lifting your arms to the moon~
Smiling back at the moon because life is good~

Being out in 'the light of the moon' can be magical at any stage of our life~

This is what I wrote in the Symbology Study~
The Golden Tarot Moon does have some seemingly unusual imagery~

The greyhound is chasing a hare; will he chase the stag too?

Reminds me of Artemis~ Goddess of the Hunt and Goddess of the Moon who chased stags and other wild animals.

In mythology, the sun and the moon chase each other.

The stag, a totem animal in Druidry, represents the element of fire. With the moon being attached to the element of water; there is a sort of competition ~ water puts out fire and fire boils water. The moon is seen as a relief from the sun even though the moon gets its light from the sun.

There is a kindly face in the moon that makes us feel protected in the night. The image of the hare is seen in the moon by some cultures.

Among many others from various cultures, some seasonal moons are called ~ Hare Moon, Stag Moon, and Hound Moon.
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