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Margarete Petersen : Seven of Swords

This card came up along with the five of coins in response to a question about what causes these "brambles" to obscure my path and how to clear them. Here is what I saw before reading MP's text.
  • Description

    A transluscent butterfly splashed with the colors of morning sun is breaking out of a pink globe. It might be a butterfly, or it might be a bright lunar moth moving across the moon toward the outstretched talons and beak of a great bird of prey.

    The long blue shadow of the bird's neck and hooked beak looms over the sphere, yet this shadow also ressembles a romantic nightscape, of dark jagged cliffs and moonlit clouds.

    Nightscape or shadow, it doesn't darken the butterfly, whose left wing floats above unscathed as though on a different plane all together; in fact, her wing casts shadows on the shadow.

    But these creatures from opposing planes have come to the same circle in the same moment, and it remains to be seen if the talons will crush and tear the fragile insect in the next second, or will she flutter free.

    The patterns on the butterfly's wings also vaguely seem to outline continents on the earthly globe, while the eagle's night-shadow against the butterfly's patch of sun-yellow suggest the drama of night into day or vice versa, as might be seen from space.

    The card may be viewed here: Sieben der Federn

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