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Yes indeed, Monsieur Macavité. She does take the Thoth meanings into account everytime. I am finding that she manages to include both RWS and Crowley meanings, perhaps also traditional Marseilles meanings (but I don't know those) and make them work together. Then she takes a step beyond, in her unique way. This one of the reasons I am so excited about this deck.

I am so glad you brought this up. I hadn't thought about the futility aspect, and you are right, it certainly fits!

I just love what you said about fluttering and deception. In fact I loved your whole post!

You brought up the Five of Coins, which was the card I drew together with this one -- I think it is amazing how well they go together, especially since my question had to do with not being able to see the way for the brambles, and her interpretation for both of these cards brings up inner blindness -- due in this case to negativity, and in the case of the 5 of coins, to fear of loss.
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