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World Spirit Study Group - The Fool (0)

In this card a woman is about to step straight off the top of a building. Now the thing that strikes me is that the fool in a 'conventional' tarot card is about to step from a cliff. This then is a slightly different concept. In the 'cliff' scenario, the fool is already on 'terra firma' and generally appears to not see the edge of the cliff. In this card however, she is dancing along a pitched roof. She had to have taken a risk to get up there in the first place. So she must know the danger but she is still prepared to take her chance. Is she pushing her luck? She appears very happy-go-lucky and is surrounded by birds who almost definately are her friends. They bring her flowers. Birds generally are messengers between heaven and earth and can represent freedom. The flowers are life itself. Her trusted dog is tugging at her skirt, which is ragged. He, as in most decks, is trying to warn her of the imminent danger.

So the message here is a leap of faith, take a chance, a risk, trust but there is an obvious danger too.

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