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The fool has a carefree attitude, nothing can hurt me, anything is possible, have no worries.
One thing that differs from the 'conventional' is the fool is a woman {intuition}. The Fool is alot about trusting your intution, to others it my seem you go blindly into the line of fire, yet reach the other side unharmed. The WS Fool is destine to fall from the roof (but whose to say she will get hurt?), and if the dog does not let go, he's going down too. I see the fool and the dog as one in the same. There is an element of holding on to the rational/trusted, but letting go of fear enough that you feel both protected {little voice that says, 'not this time'} and invincable- 'don't tell me I can't, I love a challenge...let's go'-- ('and I may die trying to prove you wrong!')
Faith & bravery gets things going- and can often encourge and rally other to follow 'a cause' {the birds}
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