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I love this Fool! She looks so carefree, so naive, so free! I never really payed much attention to the fact that she's a woman up to now, because it really "fits" on this card: the Fool is receptive to the world around her, is intuitive, she 'feels', rather than 'thinks'... Thanks Lunalafey for making me see that! And that quote from Goethe is so appropriate here, She Who Watches!
To me, the fact that she's dancing on the ridge of a roof, shows that she is about to leave what's so familiar to her, what she already knows and where she feels secure (symbolised by the house and to a certain degree by the dog). The roof, to me, shows that she wanted to get as high as possible, her spirit truely is uplifted... She can see so far here! I like what Jewel-ry said about this, that is was a risk to get up there in the first place.
The birds bringing her flowers show that what she is doing is the right thing to do, like a 'thumbs up' from the universe. There is always a certain danger in the Fool-card, but I really don't get the feeling that the Fool here should be afraid - now is the time to trust.
What Lunalafey said about the Fool and the dog being one in the same makes perfect sense, but I had never thought that far (I should start thinking more!). It fits beautifully!

Edited to add the link, in case other people want to see it too!

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