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I've had this deck for almost 2 years, it was the first deck which I really connected with and I love it. This deck contains some of my favorite cards of any of the decks I have but it's also got some cards I just don't like. The Fool falls somewhere in between - it isn't as bad as The Sun and The Star but it's certainly not one of my favorites.

Why is this woman on the roof? That's what screams out at me every time I see this card. It just seems like a very strange place to begin a journey. A cliff I can get my head around but a roof?.....
Having said that, there are elements of this card which I really like:
I love the birds and how they appear to be bringing her flowers, almost as if they bring the blessings of the Gods.
I love the fact that this Fool is a woman and the way she's not stick pin thin.

I just can't get past that roof

Some of your comments are bringing me round a little though

Love and light

Sulis xx
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