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The Fool

This card brings back a childhood memorie for me.
We used to climb a fence that was next to an old shed in our yard. And we would jump off the roof flapping our arms.
The girl on the card looks like she's just about ready to start flapping her arms.
We were absolutely sure that if we did it enough times one of those time we would take off and really fly.
Talk about carefree faith!

Those little birds are saying "You can fly! You can fly!
Just like in the movie Dumbo
At least Dumbo had those big ears.
All I had was my skinny little 8 year old arms.
But, I was filled with faith.
The dog pulling on her dress reminds me of my dog Nickle, who barked his head off when we jumped off the building.
Even he knew it was dangerous.
Boy, were we dumb kids!
Sometimes I wonder how we all survived to adulthood.
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