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I found the WS Study group threads!!

Hi WS folk,
I am a newbie to this deck, but love it already. Again, I like Sulis and some of you, have a few cards in the deck that are less than my faves, but, that is expected.

Anyway, The Fool.
I did chuckle when Sulis said, "Why is she on that roof?"
I agree with one poster who said they thought it was her own roof. As a stay at home Mom I can say that while I never actually got the thought, "Hey, I'm feeling really shut-in right now, I'm going up onto the roof and take a little daring adventure plunge into the arms of the Universe just to see what happens.....", no, that thought never came to me, but I do get the thought of "I need to get out, to adventure, to find a way to be as free as a bird and go wherever I want to go!"

See the white light around her body and the dog's body?
I see this as if they are traveling astrally. They are in the dreamtime, and it seems as if they are protected and able to act out of that wonderful resilience and limitless possibility of the dream world. The birds don't have the same white light around them, so they aren't the ones involved in the transformation, they have already transformed I think.
A female Fool rollicking off of her roof, seems natural if you think of her as she is depicted, a little older, connected to hearth and home and just out of the dishpan or cowshed where she was milking (is that a milkmaid outfit-looks like it to me!)
Plus, if it is a dream sequence, I know that once off that roof, anything can happen, and she won't be hurt, she'll bounce, fall into the arms of the magician or just jolt awake in her bed and feel that disorientation we feel when awakening from a dream....

I love the whole story of the Fool, the Fool's Journey. It is what brought everything together for me when I was first learning tarot, and I always bring everything back to that story.
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