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The Fool

I can’t add much here. I don’t like this card although is a very original take on the fool. It transmits me a bigger sense of madness, irresponsibility and danger than other fools. She is happily playing with the birds while going to fall into the void.

We have a saying in Spain that goes: “Tener la cabeza llena de pájaros”. I don’t know if it exists also in english, it translates “to have the head full of birds”. It means what I see in this card: having your mind lost in fantasies, pretending your dreams are real and not realizing how the things actually are. Is strange cause i usually see the fool a little more grounded, but not in this deck.
Keys: Living carefree, taking risks.

Elf: I haven’t noticed the white light before! That’s really interesting… Nice thoughts.
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