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Re: The Fool

Originally posted by Inana
I can’t add much here. I don’t like this card although is a very original take on the fool. It transmits me a bigger sense of madness, irresponsibility and danger than other fools. She is happily playing with the birds while going to fall into the void.

We have a saying in Spain that goes: “Tener la cabeza llena de pájaros”. I don’t know if it exists also in english, it translates “to have the head full of birds”. It means what I see in this card: having your mind lost in fantasies, pretending your dreams are real and not realizing how the things actually are. Is strange cause i usually see the fool a little more grounded, but not in this deck.
Keys: Living carefree, taking risks.

Elf: I haven’t noticed the white light before! That’s really interesting… Nice thoughts.
Hi Inana,
I understand your dislike, but I have to say that in the Fool card that sense of "why are they heading off the cliff????" is more disruptive to me than this roof sequence...not sure why. More later, my nephew just got here to do some landscaping for me!
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