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This Wheel of Life seems like a classical representation of the Wheel of Fortune (like the Visconti-Sforza Tarot) to me. Except that lady Fortune is not sitting on top of the Wheel or in the middle of it, but she is the Wheel itself. On the left a person is going down (I have reigned), he (she) is yelling or in distress, in red (color of pain, or love). On the left is a person going up (I shall reign), in blue, she (he) seems very relaxed, Zen, maybe going with the flow (which is much more easy if the flow is going up). The Wheel is indeed represented as a flow, the flow of life. Lots of Wheels have a still point in the centre, but this Wheel seems more like a whirlpool than a Wheel (indeed a spiral). So you are pulled in. But in what? Into the sink? Into her heart? As the centre is also the place of Fortuna’s heart. But then the text says: “When the blindness of love thaws, you regain your sight”. The heart is in the centre, but the eyes are in the flow (Wheel). So what vision (looking with your heart or with your eyes) do we prefer?
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