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Originally Posted by RedMaple
So in (moon)light (I couldn't resist) of that, I would say that the Ace of Sword is just after the Dark of the Moon, when new ideas can just begin to take shape. The moon is the slightest sliver. The moon in the Ace of Pentacles would then be Waxing toward harvest, which makes sense.

The Full moon, of course, stays the same -- a time of great, exuberant power.

The Ace of Cups is the one that has me a bit stumped, as it is a waning moon. What I think is that it's a time for going inside, getting ready for the encounter with the dark, unconscious, indicated by all that water.

Let me know if this revised version of the moons makes sense.
yes, makes perfect sense to me.

i put the aces in the following order: Wands - Cups - Swords - Pentacles
Wands for the sparkle of energy, as raw material, needed at the beginning. Beginning of a project, a relationship.
Cups for the internal examination of the new idea/relationship/situation. In my case many ideas don't go further than this examination as i do many things if my heart feels they are worth it.
Swords for the rational examination. Intellect comes and starts planning, organizing, giving the project new developments/possibilities.
Pentacles for the physical activity. I either have to do the job myself or I can follow its development, watch its conclusion, see how a relationship has grown and flourished etc.

i have to add that i mostly use tarot for self-analysis and self-guidance, very rarely doing reading for others, which is why my interpretation are very self-oriented.

my two cents anyway, since many others have added theirs and made me see new things.

would be excellent if this study group could find a new breathe

*just re-discovered and properly connected to the World Spirit tarot*
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