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Two of Cups

"Two of Cups: The coming together of 2 like minds. A happy meeting of friends and soul mates. 2 different views can bring about a more complete and better whole. Partnership and enjoyment. Bouncing ideas off of each other." -- Rhiannon


So like Rhiannon's wonderful keys to this card. Just pulled it out of the deck, almost at random this early a.m. Like all the cards in this wonderful deck, the thing that strikes me is the first-glance simplicity of the image, and what a world of things are actually going on in this card. It seems with these cards there is always something new to see, or a new connection to be made. I guess the term would be "rich."

So, we see two people dancing very much together in a fairy ring of mushrooms and toadstools. Being weak in botony, I don't know why, but such fairy rings do exist, and since if you look for it you can find magic almost anywhere, surely you can find it there.

Their arms are locked at the elbows and they are toasting each other. He holds a cup, and she (although the figures could be androgynous if you prefer to see them that way) holds a champagne flute. Champagne itself is a symbol of celebration. Cups, of course, are symbols of emotions, the symbol of the suite. He holds a red rose, a symbol of courage and passion. She holds a lilly, standing for purity, chasteness, innocence and beauty. Her tunic is red, again a symbol of passion and courage, as well as life and virility. Belted around her tunic is a green sash. The color green often represents growth and vitality, as well as earthly wisdom, and, for some, association with the goddess. His sleeveles tunic, a muscle shirt, is also belted with green and has a large flower on the front. Flowers are often used to symbolize frivolity and celebration. His blousy pants are blue, surely in this case representing clear skies and a sunny mood. She dances in boots, while he is barefoot to feel the meadow grass beneath his feet and connect with the earth.

There is no question at all that this pair is enjoying each other's company, totally absorbed in the moment.

In the upper left corner of the card is Kuan Yin, and the Piper at the Gates of Dawn plays his pipes in the upper right corner. You can almost hear the melodious notes Pan is playing. They too, appear to celebrate this scene of pleasure and peace. Here we have yin and yang, and, as Rhiannon observed, the coming together of two things to make a new whole.

Coiling at the edge of the fairy circle is a snake in the shape of a lemniscate, the infinity symbol, the symbol of mastery, magic and wisdom as seen in Major Arcana cards I and VIII, the Magician and Strength.

Directly over the couple's head a star shines, conveying the blessings found in Major Arcana XVII, the Star.

Now, I tried to go from border to border and corner to corner in looking at this card, and I'll bet'cha I missed a bunch'a stuff. Next time, I'll see those things, or see the things I commented on in a different way. That's what I love about all the cards in World Spirit. Oh, also that this couple, and other people in this deck, look like people I might see on the street, or know, instead of impossibly beautiful people as remotely seen in a glossy magazine.

(I didn't sign up for this study group or anything, but World Spirit has been my most favorite deck since it came out. I thought I might comment on some of the cards at random to make myself look at them in still another way. I've already snuck into the study group and carried stuff away, like a Seven of Swords. Or maybe like a pack rat. You know, when a pack rat takes something, he always leaves else something behind. I don't know what card that is.)

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