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The Aces ...

The Ace of Wands, with the little leaves coming out from it, always makes me think of the burning bush from the Judeo-Christian tradition -- divine power becoming manifest in an everyday thing and speaking very clearly with definite energy, and providing a major motivation to get up and do something, no matter what's standing in the way!

The Ace of Cups floats above still-looking waters, but when all that overflow hits the surface (heheh, I tried to throw an extra r at the end of that for some reason ), things are not going to be so calm and simple anymore. That sounds a little foreboding, but it's not meant to be -- the little plant at the bottom suggests the massive possibilities for growth that exist when one gives oneself up to the flow from the cup, the flow of daily human interactions that can grow into so much more.

With the Ace of Swords, everything's in flux -- at least that's what I get from the wiggly wind-motion radiating from it. This is the domain of thought, which can be ever-fleeting, as the wind suggests, or constant like the rocks. It's a bit less comforting than the Cups version, since those rocks are awfully stark and jagged, but at least they're solid, which makes sense since ideas are far more cut-and-dried and less mercurial than the murky realm of feelings the Cups embody. Still, the pointed nature of the central sword reminds you that this journey is not going to be easy.

In the Ace of Pentacles, everything worked for in the first three suits is coming into flower. There's still work to be done -- those pretty vines won't just decide to nurture themselves from now on -- but the ground is so perfectly green and grassy, and there's not even a cloud in the pristine blue sky. The central pentacle glows with pride, success, and hope for the future.

RedMaple got the moons beautifully, I think. It's an aspect of the aces to which I hadn't always paid so much attention, so I'm grateful for the enlightenment.

Thanks for reviving this thread, Talisman! I think I'll go revive the one on the Fool now, and maybe post on the Twos later.
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