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Well, things not missed but not mentioned

Honestly, when I am reading Tarot cards this may be the very last thing I ever notice or think about, but . . .

The stylized initials of the artist in these cards are not always apparent. The first place to look in the World Spirit cards is the lower right hand corner, and that's where they are in this card, inscribed on a leaf. (This is one of the things people talk about in the RWS deck; where Pamela Coleman Smith initialed the card. I find this stuff interesting, but does this ever influence the way you read the cards ?)

If I weren't so incredibly weak in botony, such is the skill with which these cards were created -- inspite of the way they were made -- it would probably be possible to identify the plants/flowers. I can't.

In the RWS deck, the woman has female symbols on her gown. In the Robin Wood deck, the Venus symbol is on the woman's glove. Some see this as a card of feminity, among other things. I think the World Spirit deck kind'a skips that stuff, buy maybe I'm missing something here, huh ?

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