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Pearls of Wisdom - Two of Wands

Is this the 'Look Both Ways' card? Check out the man's face - there are at least three, possibly a fourth looking behind him (can't tell from this angle). This Traveller sees in all directions.

Yikes! The sun behind the man reminds me of the water reflections from the Seven of Swords. Or is that a moon? There are two stars in the sky on the right side of it. It may be both sun and moon - one side is yellow, the other (the same side as the stars) is white. In the Seven of Swords, our Traveller was on a journey by night, armed and ready for opposition. The Traveller in the Two of Wands is on a wholly different journey.

A bearded man with mulitple faces stands at a fork in the road. The road looks to be fertile earth lined with flames. The fork has the same sign for each direction, a wooden arrow with the Rune Ehwaz upon it. Each sign post has a serpent twinned around it, facing the man at the fork. There is a lighted torch at each fork. The road behind him trails off to the left, we don't see where it ends. There are torches on either side of that road, too.

The man himself looks like a firey lepruchaun. He has green leggings, belt, cloak and hat, but yellow and red tunic, had band and boots. He carries two pearl-topped wands. One looks to be a walking stick; the other is just as long but is used to carry a bag of his posessions. Both wands have pearls twined around them. These wands have leaves sprouting on them indicating they are still fruitful. There is a yellow ribbon spiralling along their length. The pearl-tops are glowing. There are two similar wands standing at the lower edges of the card.

Green Earth Spirits appear on both sides of the horizon.

There are shelves on the upper corners. The shelf on the left holds a pentacle-coin, one dice cube, two shafts of grain and a double-terminated crystal hung from a cord. The shelf on the right holds a strand of pearls and a brightly-burning candle with a smiling face on it.

There is no Rune on the left wall under the shelf; the rune Laguz appears on the right wall under the shelf. The Runes Thurisaz (reversed) and Raidho are etched into the lentel between the shelves. In all, four Runes are represented here. The Runes on the signposts point the way, the direction is to Trust (Ehwaz). Thurisaz is the Rune of boundaries and protecting those boundaries. In reverse position, the Rune could indicate a release of existing boundaries (indicating new territory?). Raidho is the Rune of the Journey, the Ride, and Rede one receives along the way. Laguz represents water - Life Energy and organic growth (ref. Thorsson, 'Introduction to the Germanic Tradition').

With fire to quicken his steps and water to refresh him along the way, the earth firm beneath his feet and green along the pathway, our Traveller's physical needs are met. What Nature fails to provide, he carries with him in his sack. He is empowered for his journey. All that is left to him here is to choose a path. Either one will do.

I'm having trouble reading the sky. Perhaps he's travelling at an 'in-between' time - neither day nor night. His journey is Magickally inspired or blessed? Perhaps the sky colors represent the air element. The Traveller here is fully arrayed - he has only to choose his direction.
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