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Have you noticed the way that the action on the wands cards seems to be facing out at us, the viewer? Maybe this reflects the Wands outward and outgoing slant.

This is a strange card... It took me a while to work out what's wrong with his face and then I realised that he has in fact got more than one face so yes, he's looking both ways, deciding which route would be the best or which route he's brave enough to travel.
Interesting that both pathways have the same sign, making me think that both paths are equal or could end up in the same place... Everyone has their own way of getting there but the ultimate destination could well be the same...

I think that the sky shows both day and night - this is a 2 card and shows duality and balance - I think that the other 2s are similar and they all show the sky split between day and night.

So this then is a natural pause along the path (no action related to The High Priestess). A chance to look both outward as this is a wands card and also a chance to look inward as this is a 2 to decide on the best course of action.

He does look like a leprechaun doesn't he? But then most of the people on the Wands cards have a pixie or leprechaun look about them.
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