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Originally Posted by emmsma
The first thing I noticed when pulling this card out was how the sky in the background resembles an eye. The sun/moon as its pupil.

I Love the many faced traveler. He sees all. He is aware of all the opportunities/avenues that are open and available to him.

His road, lined in a row of flame, shows his drive and sense of purpose - his passion for the road he is on.
Hey, I didn't notice the sky before. It does resemble and eye. I like that.

I also like the observation that both roads look the same. They both offer challenges, and I would imagine, they both offer many good things. The choice isn't really easy, because there's no clear "right" choice. You have to decide.

I like the dice and the coin at the top on the shelf. They remind us that if we do happen to get stuck, we need to keep moving. "Roll the dice", "flip a coin". Just get moving in a direction again. It's always better to be progressing, then to stop for too long and get stuck. The pause here is necessary, but don't let it turn into immobility.
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