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Originally Posted by BeyondtheVeil View Post
I have a question. It says that we must be willing to pay for shipping "anywhere". I only want USA as shipping to other countries can be anywhere between $40 -80 dollars. I'm not down with that. lol So... if that is the rule... is it only for in your own country?.

If not, I will have to pass. Paying $40 to ship a $14-20 deck just is too much. I don't mind paying for Priority Flate Rate Shipping here in the USA though.

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I wasn't aware of some of the international shipping rates so I went and looked since you mentioned it, BeyondtheVeil. I agree that those prices are extremely high!
I also glanced at where most of the participants are located (so far that is), and it looks like there are one or two outside the USA.

So I'm pondering the same thing. I'm wanting to participate but I really can't if it is that much cost involved. Flat rate priority within the US, I'm good.
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