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Motherpeace group - Being Chrysalis and Mystic Mal

Hi Being Chrysalis and Mystic Mal,

Now we seem to be three. I note we have a note from Sulis about previous threads for Fool and Magician. It seems there is an etiquette not to start over the top of an existing "group thread". The posts appear to be from a few years back, but make interesting reading. It appears if we follow this path, we simply work through the deck starting with the Major arcana and then move on to minors.

Please don't be tricked by my apparent confidence with the "new threads", I'm not that strong with web based communciation. However, from reading the guides provided by Sulis, it appears we simply start a new thread for each card, then fill in our discussion. Chrysalis I'm don't understand how to post so that it also occurs as an email message. My attempt left me interpreting the result as meaning I needed to be a "subscriber", which I assumed meant paying some sort of joining fee. But so far I've not worked that out. So all I know is to post to these threads.

Perhaps we could revisit the Fool and Magician enter our more recent comments and then go on from there. I must admit it feels counter intuitive to have to scroll through the old message before you get to the new posts, but then it is a request to honour what went before. Perhaps as a way of getting to know each other we might share our "Motherpeace" personality and soul cards. Vicki N draws this I think from numerology, but I've found it great in guiding the development of my "self" within the cards.

The personality card is arrive at by adding your "birthday" number eg 12, your birth month number eg October, 10 and your birthyear - eg 1949. That totals 1971 which added across comes to 18 = Moon then 1 + 8 of that card is added giving "Crone". Therefore in my case my "Personality" Card is "Moon" and my "Soul" card is "Crone". No credit for working out my bithday is 1 October 1949. Hence Fortuna (Redux) the Roman goddess of journeys and safe returns. The Moon card is such a strong "anchor" for me because so much of my work life and daily life is about factual practical here-and-now at the expense of my "sharman call" and my strong deeper senses and intuitions. That's why I'm so ready to honour this inner sharman and engage with you in this "game".

My soul card - Crone is so linked to the Moon card that I find it overwhelming. As if I'm being reunited with my whole self. The Crone "wisdom herself, spinning and weaving the thread of life", calling down the power of the moon.

I'll also do my post on the Fool in the next few days. Followed by the Magician. We will then be up and running although I notice Being Chrysalis that you posted to these sites at the outset. I wonder if you will approach the cards differently after this break. Mystic Mal go for it. I too have used the cards as a personal guide a "third" voice outside of my lived experience, and its been great. Once we are together on how and when, then anyone of us can open a new thread for High Priestess.

Fortuna B
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