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Why do Scorpios hold grudges over pointless stuff to the extent its ridiculous?

Scorpio is not only infamous as the most vengeful sign but also the sign known to hold grudges for a VERY LONG TIME. In fact there is a common saying Scorpios can wait for years until the right moment to strike back.

What I CANNOT understand is why Scorpio personalities hold grudges for RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS of time!OVER MINOR ISSUES no one would care about! For example there is a common saying you make a remark intended as a joke to a Scorpio, not an insult, a Scorpio will keep it at the front of their minds for years and plan and plan for their moment of vengeance. In fact they may even end up USING PHYSICAL VIOLENCE to get their vengeance! Over a silly joke made YEARS AGO!!!!

As a Scorpio dominant, I admit having held grudges for years over something as a mere paperball thrown or being shoved in the hall way. And when I got my vengeance it was often disproportionate retribution. Say an insult to me that doesn't mean anything? I'll harass you for weeks. Throw a paperball at me? I will shove you at the hallway everyday I can get away with it.

Looking back in hindsight and when I read astrology's description I am really at a loss of words of how ridiculous it is!
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