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Although overly generalized, these observations shouldn't be rejected out-of-hand. I have Scorpio rising and a tight 8th-House conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer (with Uranus in late Gemini also very close). Following my freshman year in college, I worked all summer to pay for my sophomore year. Because I was working so much, I gave my paychecks to my mother to bank for me. Instead, she took every cent and spent it. Needless to say, I didn't return to art school that fall, and it completely redirected the course of my life. I wound up in the army and later took a degree in business management. This event (which in itself was probably set up more by 2nd-House Moon in Capricorn opposed the 8th-House conjunction and square Neptune) soured our relationship for years. Although we eventually reconciled, there was always an unspoken resentment there that precluded unqualified affection. The fact is - even if "revenge" was never truly exacted - I never forgot or completely forgave, although I have a more measured perspective on it after four decades.
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