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I can only speak for myself, but ,I am a Scorpio.

Yep , I do hold grudges. I've matured over my many years... Now , I do forgive, but sadly, never ever forget. I never engage in physical violence, but it can sweep through my mind- let me tell you. (I'm a workout junkie so I get it out there) I certainly consider pay back, but mostly I never follow through.. cause you know what, I'm more bark than bite. If I decide to bite, you'll know it!

When someone hurts me, its to the core.
"don't take it personally" doesn't exist. If you said to me, it must be personal. - otherwise put your filter on - don't say it.
I'm extremely private, and don't ever disrespect that. I do not take it well if you talk about something I told you privately.- enter the grudge.

I do however, have a great sense of humor, and yep you can poke fun here and there .. but yep, you might hit a topic that is sensitive to me and I will go quiet on you.

I think maturity is a huge milestone for Scorpios. Learning to tame the beast, is always a work in progress.

Good stuff about us!: When we love its completely. Scorpios do have a lot of nice qualities. We're Usually not considered unattractive, our eyes usually pull you in and we are honest, we are trustworthy and confidential and if you want someone to have your back.. oh we got it for you.
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