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Heh, Scorpio here, too.

I've been known to hold grudges. Well, I wouldn't say they're grudges as much as I don't forget what people have done to me, either for good or ill. It's one thing to dwell on something, it's quite another to say, 'Yes, this was done to me, and I won't let it happen again,' and then you move on. I'd say I'm probably more in the second category.

I've got four planets in Scorpio. I've also got Leo rising. Even though Leo's empty, it's strong enough where most people who meet me, and sometimes even those who have known me for a long time, *swear* up and down I'm a Leo until they learn my birthday. >XD

The problem with sweeping generalizations like this is that they miss nuance. There's always a kernel of truth in stereotypes, but oftentimes it's just that--a tiny bit of truth. It's not the whole story.

@Barleywine: I would have had your mother charged with theft and/or fraud and tossed in the Big House for a long time. I also would have sued her for civil damages and never spoken to her again--but that's me. *sigh* What she did was theft, fraud, and just plain wrong.
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