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I looked at the Kabbalitic Tarot one day, and it was kinda very expensive for what it is.
It is just some simple diagrams of Tree of life to each card, which can be drawn by pen on paper.

And also these information is in many text books, so why would I need the deck? But I thought maybe it would be good for flash cards for studies.

So I got out one of my least favorite tarot deck - not used at all just sitting in the draw for years. It has large border white space, and is called "The Destiny Tarot ", and I was drawing each sephiroth, path of Tree of Life, the Hebrew letters, and astrological association to each Tarot card. It was tedious, slow and boring job, and still about 50% more to go.

Anyhow, my favorite deck for studying Kabalah is Thoth deck and Tarot of Ceremonial Magick by LMD. I might try using the GD deck by Robert Wang soon.
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