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Originally Posted by smw View Post
I see the tree of life as representing emanations of God becoming more fixed as you reach the the tenth Sephira Malkuth - Earth the ultimate manifestation. Everything is made up from and therefore part of God. I'm not so religious to identify God further, so that works for me.

I have just been skimming Bonner's Qabalah, A magical primer. (Aeon's recommendation)

something similar - God the Creator "one omnipotent and omnipresent being, who creates from his own substance as an act of divine will"

Hope you are keeping well x
One does not have to be religious, but still can believe in divine being and creation of the universe. ToL seems good path for the search or connection.

That book seems excellent for the topic, although I don't have it.

I am doing fine thanks. Hope you are well too x
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