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There are some positive attributes to Mercury Retrograde that I have noticed. It is a great time to do almost anything that starts with the prefix RE, and/or the past.
I like to use the time for those activities, and it seems to really benefit my experience of the Retrograde.
This time I delved into:
Repairing the car
Resolving library dues,unpaid debts
Reuniting with old friends
Retrieving "lost" information
Not that I don't notice the wonky stuff-I most certainly do!
I have just noticed that if I work with the wonky energy there are interesting gifts and lessons that I otherwise might have missed.
Like getting "lost" but discovering a beautiful new place.
Running late for work, you run into an old schoolmate you haven't seen for years.
Call me loony, but I rather look forward to Mercury Retrograde taking the reins and showing us some wabi-sabi style stuff!
You have to admit, it is never dull......
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