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A wonderful spread.
I've had one deck (manga tarot) and I've been wondering what the heck was going on between me and it. Sometimes I'd get headaches, other times I wouldn't.
The first card that came up was Strength. It's not a deck that likes to fool around. It seems to be one that wants to kick me into gear. Thinking back on previous times I've tried to use the cards any time I've tried to resist what it's trying to tell me or sugar coat things, the headaches would get worse. They only seem to get better when I accept what's being told.
This will be a unique relationship. The last card was the lovers. I suppose in the end if I stick with it, I'll learn to appreciate it's no nonsense attitude and we'll become quite a pair.
Thank you for the excellent spread. I'll be using it again, I'm sure of it.
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