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I like 3 card spreads too. I must say though, that the best way to read them for me, (unless I use the 3 cards in a Past/Present/Future spread), was found right here on AT in a thread started by our very own Little Baron. I've copied it and pasted it here below, as I don't know how to post the direct link to LB's thread. LB mentioned also that this was found in Deborah Leigh's book, Personal Prophecy, about playing cards. I found it works very well even with tarot and other oracle cards.

Now, I'm not sure how LB places the cards, but I, myself just put them in a straight line as cards:


and then use LB's posted ways to interpret them as below:

Interesting Combinations using a three card system for courts

Was just working through my deck in threes. And realised how interesting some of the three card-ers were.

To begin with, as a note, when I read three cards, I read in a specific way, which I find useful - especially with courts. It is adapted from the Personal Prophecy system.

Say you have three cards. 1, 2 and 3.

If card 3 is a court, we ALWAYS [as a querant] share the messages of cards 1 and 2 with that person. If card 3 is a court, it is ALWAYS someone else.

If card 2 is a court, we ALWAYS share the message of card 1 with that person. If card 2 is a court, it is ALWAYS someone else. Card 3 is what the court in card 2 carries. It is their thing. Their intention.
So if the 'King of Cups' was in position 2 and held the 'Empress' as card 3, we might determine that he was a caring and nurturing person. It is almost like getting a snapshot of their focus or what they want to share with us. I always think of card 3 as their backpack, if card 2 is a court. Card 1, therefore is, maybe how it is shared with us.

If a court is card 1, then that is ALWAYS us, as a querant. We read from left to right. So when a court is in position 1, it is how we are represented, with our focus. The following cards, if have no courts, are purely about what we are doing. If a court hits either positions 2 or 3, then the same applies, as mentioned above. What is in between us or 'carried' is the messages between us and the court.

If there are no courts, it is purely about us.
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