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Originally Posted by Abrac
This is the conclusion I am slowly coming 'round to. It's a little confusing because the "discovery" of the Stele came first chronologically. But its import to the overall scheme of Thelema seems to come after the BoL.
My thinking is that Stele served only as one of the things that lead Crowley to receive the BoL, the BoL is the real thing of importance. But, every theology must have some kind of symbol, or physical representation of either their gods, or philosophy. An idol of some kind or another. Even more so if your theology is based around practical magic, when your target audience is a bunch of folks really keen on snazzy looking tools.

And so years later, when Crowley eventually decided to accept and make use of what was revealed in the BoL, and found the text of the BoL lost in a corner of his attic, (I theorize) the Stele was chosen as a visual representation of the BoL's principals. The Stele being ideal because it was part of the story of the reception of the book, though I think only indirectly related to the actual text by their common symbols.

Originally Posted by Abrac
I'm not trying to suggest anything. I'm trying to understand. Just thought I would clear that up.
Fair enough
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