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Greetings hope you are well .

the use of qabalah in explaining where and how energies manifest thruout the tree is very useful in understanding tarot .

Crowley as most of us have found seems more than adept at manipulating these energies to suit some of his ideas .

I think to help in putting this in perspective the sefiroth of chockmah has a quality amongst others of the father and the infinte wisdom this implies ,the paternal power. the creative word.Now adding this to what you know about the nature of the emperor and you can see how the emporer (the king) has attributes of the father (chokmah).

Remember a force that emanates in one place higher up in the tree can show up elsewhere on a lower arc as it were .

these symbols have a way of contradicting themselves so its a matter of knowing how a SYMBOL can be positive on one level but the same symbol on another plane can alter becoming negative .
the confusion arrives in our view when trying to be in 2 places at once .
Also the emperor only changes some attributes when the TZaddi -HE riddle is applied (roman numerals)card numbers remain same but thelemic interprtation (letters-signs and values )move.

.At the point of Crowley, when he writes of the emperor in the book of thoth.He is talking i think about the function of the emperor .and not including his thelemic take at this time, merely expanding on what the card is, for us who want to know somthing of the nature of this aspect ,

He is talking about the characteristics of the emperor- fatherly ,patrnal, pahaps talking about the emperor in its most exalted sense hence refering to chockmah to expain what the emperors position iswhen exercising his benovelence upon his son etc.Even thou remember the card placement as you mentioned is between yesod and netzach.

so to conclude hope this makes sense the "old" fellow sitting cross legged is a male energy he is a ruler, fatherly (chkmh energies) but disguised .the energy is martian (aries ) of the spring the emperor path connects 7 venus netzach victory with 9 moon yesod foundation .he uses of the energy of spring and applies its energy to setting foundations establisng order

regards Bagheera
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