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Originally Posted by Aulruna View Post
Chiriku - this is literally a heaven sent for me today.

Two friends of mine, a couple, were savagely assaulted at a fair last weekend, they are both traumatized. I know the woman is working with cards, and I have passed the spread and your introduction on to hear. I think this is just what they need right now.
That is very troubling. I hope something, whether this spread or meditations, prayers or other means, can help them arrive at some level of peace after such a traumatic event. Thank you for passing it on to them and please extend my best wishes for their mental and spiritual recovery.

Originally Posted by Alessi View Post
I have just tried this spread and found it to be exceptional. I have been going through a horrid series of difficulties recently and the cards I drew for this beautiful spread were perfect for my situation and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for posting it.

I think I will be using it quite a bit. Even if one is not going through horrendous difficulties I imagine it would still be a very beneficial spread to use regularly.
Thank you for giving the spread a try, Alessi. You are quite right that it need not be used at times of great trauma or suffering. Perhaps some people could use a weekly or otherwise regular "pick-me up" to give them some positive food for thought.

Originally Posted by Noni View Post
Just want to say what a lovely spread.
It so reassuring to have such wonderful and positive spreads which bring comfort when needed most.

Please post more such spreads.

Loving vibes to all
Thank you, Noni. I do have a similar spread based on a fragment of Sufi poetry. I will see if I can post it sometime soon.

Originally Posted by Cocobird55 View Post
I just used the spread about something that has been bothering me for a while. I got good cards, and felt very comforted. I still have a smile on my face.

Thank you!
Ah, very glad to hear that, Cocobird55. It's of course helpful that you got "good cards" (whichever ones you perceive as good, that is). But I hope the spread can still be of use when the cards that come up are not as immediately comforting as one would expect. This is one of the many benefits of tarot--each card, in each position, can give us something useful and helpful to mentally "chew" upon.

Originally Posted by Thoughtful View Post
What a beautiful little spread. l have just pulled cards on a matter that was troubling me, what joy and comfort l got from it.
Thank you for sharing with us all
That really gladdens me, Thoughtful, thank you. Everyone's testimony here gladdens me (and makes me think I should use this spread more often than I have done).

Originally Posted by cheimonette View Post

Every card is a lesson, and every card is a little world from which we can derive deeper knowledge of ourselves and our environment- isn't that where true comfort comes from? Insecurity disappears when trust is built, and trust flowers only with knowledge and experience. Tarot can help us all with that.
I agree completely with your thoughts; thank you for sharing them, and for trying out this spread.
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