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Originally Posted by Wheel of Fantastic View Post
That deck on tarotworld and EBay is NOT the Premium deck. I actually own a copy of that one as well, it's a better edition than the USG standard Rider but it doesn't have the crackle back - the back is a rose and gold cross on a purple background. There's no copyright on the front of the cards, it's on the back in tiny font so it will affect reversals. There is no copyright on the front or back of the Premium deck cards.

To the best of my knowledge, the Premium deck in question only comes in the orange and white 2 piece box and is only available in German. Mind you, I'd love to be proved wrong, especially if it's in English.
I just found a "Deluxe" English edition that fits your description to a T, except for the box: So maybe the German edition comes in the orange and white box, and the English in the blue and white? (The Spanish and French editions are also in blue and white boxes.)
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