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Originally Posted by DJP View Post

Yes, that rings true, the card does have a feeling of exhausted stumbling to it.

I often forget to look at the unfolding story aspect of the minor arcana suits, so thanks for reminding me of this great tool of exploration.


The drudgery angle definitely seems more prominent than imminent relief. And drudgery has to be atrociously bad for keeping energy flowing, and in the right direction.

I think EmpyreanKnight could be right, with the blindness being related to exhausted stumbling.... haven't we all been there at some point?

But it does make me wonder why wands and swords (masculine?) seem to have much harsher 10s than cups and pentacles (feminine?) ?
Possibly because the Tens represent the complete enervation of the elemental energy, which is harder for the active suits to embrace than the more passive suits, which are already part-way there much sooner? I recall that Pythagoras considered Ten a "perfect" number, but esoterically it also represents extreme departure from the purity and simplicity of the monad (Ace).
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