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Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
Well, Luria was operating inside a religious framework in which there are some lines you just don't cross. In this, instead of being an exploration, religious Kabbalah becomes a means of justification.
True, but even within those limits Luria was quite radical and daring. The shattering of the first Tree suggests that God can make mistakes. That's the sort of stuff that could get you burnt at the stake at one time, and possibly even today in certain parts of the world!

The original act of Tzimtzum is said to be an act of severe DIN within the Ain Soph. Din is a title of Geburah which is sometimes considered the dark or destructive side of God. But this negative aspect is said to be caused by a "withdrawal" of Gods presence. But Geburah is also the source of 'free will'. So what was the motivation behind the Tzimtzum? A crisis within the godhead that required catharsis?

Either way you end with the "People of Israel" (in the ideal sense) charged with the task of Tikkun (restoration) through the correct performance of mitzvoth. This seems to have been taken a step further in Hasidism and their conception of the Tzaddik.
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