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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
Barleywine, you have done it again and put perfectly into words what I only felt was the "right" elementary association. I've been using the majors for years with the elements you assign to them, and thanks to you, now I know WHY :-)

(I love Hazel's book though, just finished it).
I also love Hazel's book and am using it along with Liber Theta and Regardie's Liber T stuff for much of the background material for a presentation on Elemental Dignities that I'm giving next week. I think her approach to the planetary trump cards takes the analysis to another level, but I really prefer to keep everything on a level playing field. In truth, though, there may be something to the idea that a trump card emphatically "is what it is," and may not be much affected by the niceties of having "friendly" or "unfriendly" neighbors. I do like the notion of a mini "force field" or "power profile" (my own terms, not Hazel's) that emerges from the combination of three cards according to their elemental natures, so will continue to assign elements to the planetary trumps.
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