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Here in Eden, before the fall, the lovers have that connection, and so hand holding is not necessary. Even being in the same space is not necessary. The Pillars are "united" into one by the winged figure. Which makes that figure both outside of them as a power, but also emblematic of their twin souls united as one on a higher plane.
According to Introduction of The Zohar written by Rav. Berg, the two pillars also represent two parallel universe. The Tree of Knowledge pillar signifies the mundane world with pain, sickness, suffering, chaos, mortality and problems. The Tree of Life pillar signifies the Garden of Eden with no suffering, immortality, no pain, no sickness, eternal peace and quiet. So the man and woman in the Lovers card are actually separated existence in different universe. The two could unite either in the mundane world or in Garden of Eden depending on their choice made by will and the help of divine.
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